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Thanks for nothing CoinJar

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I had a CoinJar account for about 2 years, which I funded from my Aussie SMSF bank account to buy cryptocurrencies.I invested in various legitimate crypto/Forex trading platforms and received weekly interest payments in BTC, which I sold in the CoinJar platform and withdrew to my SMSF bank account.One week, I waited 3 days for my Receive transaction to be processed. I showed on "Pending" for 3 days.I submitted a support ticket and the response came back, that the transaction would be processed and after that my account would be closed.I asked why my account would be closed and got a response that "the security team have made a decision to close your account".A further enquiry asking why the security made that decision resulted in a response stating that CoinJar T&C reserve the rights to close an account.Not only did this inconvenience me, it made me feel like I had done something illegal.A good friend of mine has experienced a similar situation with CoinJar.This is an arrogant company and I strongly recommend using the othe Aussie company, CoinSpot.Much better communication and very helpful.Thanks for nothing CoinJar
Hugh Verdoorn
14 Jan 2021 by Trustpilot

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