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Rude, High Fees and Blocking withdrawals.

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Rude, dismissive staff that just shut down your account for no reason and threaten the customer. I apparently have eight hours to "withdraw my balance to my bank account within the timeframe or my funds...may be forfeited". You can not transfer to another wallet, only your bank account. When you try to validate your linked bank account, despite entering the correct data, it automatically blocks you from validation. So as it stands I can do nothing but wait another seven hours to get this sorted. My email sums up the situation.I think Aaron was deprived of oxygen and birth.I can't believe the way you conduct yourself.You are a rude, arrogant little man, lacking candor. What's more Aaron, karma works in strange ways...And to finish I must state, never have I, as a customer, been treated so poorly, nor seen so many 1 star reviews...and virtually all mention your name.We will talk soon and trust your boss enjoys the consequences.
23 Dec 2020 by Trustpilot

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