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I have had a Coin Jar Acct since since 8/11/17 and it has worked well for making small investments on the cryptocurrency rollercoaster, while trying to work out how it all works.On Jan 5th 2018 I transferred $4000 to CoinJar, not realising that there is a $2500 daily limit on deposits.I quickly realised my mistake when, after getting a notification that they had received the funds, the "pending approval" seemed to take far longer than usual. Two support submissions, one query to CoinJar by a friend on my behalf and 15 days later I am none the wiser as to where my $4000 is.The only correspondence I have received from them is the generic reply sent to any person who makes a support request.I am so disappointed with CoinJar. I know they are busy and they must be flooded with questions. $4000is a lot of money to me and by not keeping me informed about where it is, I cannot utilise it to my best advantage..I am hoping that someone will give me advice on how to proceed from here. Something that might resolve the problem fairly and equitably. If not I will be forced to take legal action to recover my funds.thanksSusan MillsTomewin NSWAustralia
Susie Mills
20 Jan 2018 by Trustpilot

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