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Jan 6, 2021 – Deposited £850 from my UK bank to Coinjar and it has been 3 days and until now (Jan 8), money did not appear in my Coinjar app. I just opened this account on December 18, 2020 and have made several transactions with no problems before. I wonder despite emailing them on the 7th of this month, until now all I got is a computer generated reply that they got my message. This is a recurring issue as you can see in the many reviews below but it seems this is where they need to fix to make their exchange company grow. Let’s see how they will sort this issue ASAP! I am missing a lot here as I have hold further depositing to my account until this issue is resolved. I will update my review every day until I have a satisfactory response from their Customer Service if any.09 January 2021 - Still no response NO nothing at all! As you can see numerous customers have now the same issues so beware until this issue is fixed. I will post update tomorrow.10 January 2021
08 Jan 2021 by Trustpilot

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