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I have been with coinjar for a few…

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I have been with coinjar for a few years and a lot of my friends use them as well. I have not had any problems with them previously. Recently though I am unable to send btc to any address that I have tried and when I have contacted support the reply is always that I am sending to a unsupported digital currency address. Yet this an address that has been used many times before. apparently they no longer allow their customers to send to this particular (very popular) trading platform anymore. I've then proceeded to try to send to another very large trading platform with no avail and another exchange still with no avail. I am extremely disappointed with these guys and have not received any warning that they would be not allowing transfers to certain companies and have lost two days worth of trading time waiting for them to find a solution. I would have recommended them to friends before but now would certainly discourage them from using coinjar at all. Mainly cause it is apparent that It's not possible to send to any address at all
Harley Buchanan
03 Nov 2020 by Trustpilot

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