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I have been with Coinjar for exactly 12 months and have constantly had a portfolio amount of $15,000 to $25,000 USD with daily transactions of btc in and out. I have loved the company, the service and the people. 3 days ago I attempt to make a normal transaction to one of my Trading Platforms (which i have been funding frequently since February this year) and SUDDENLY Coinjar block my transaction.I write to Support - and this is their return answer ...."I've just checked our records, and it looks like the address you've tried to use is an unsupported digital currency address. CoinJar does not support transfers to gambling services unfortunately" ( The address had NOTHING whatsoever to do with a Gambling company) The address had been generated by the trading platform (as per usual)The answer from Coinjar Support goes on to say "I'm sorry to report that CoinJar is now unable to provide services to your account.I understand that this may come as a shock but we are here to assist you during this time.You must now withdraw your remaining balance from CoinJar to your linked bank account.Once any remaining funds have been transferred from your CoinJar account, your account will be permanently terminated and made inaccessible. Any future CoinJar accounts set up that are linked to this CoinJar, or involve any associated party may be permanently terminated automatically".!!!! Can you believe that? I take it that I am BANNED?For WHAT?So just like that - they terminated my entire account where I was holding numerous Cryptos -had a few thousand sitting in the cash account at all times and I had my own Coinjar swipe card. In the space of a moment - I am being forced (through no fault of my own) to endure the total inconvenience of converting/withdrawing all my Crypto into Fiat and send it back to my Common bank account. Whilst this is happening Eth and BTC were on a run so I missed out on good profits.I am still very upset about this as not only was the experience unexpected and inconvenient - it was unprofessional and the communication from Support was nonchalant, uncaring and very non helpful.I now am in complete Limbo and Coinjar have happily removed an innocent unsuspecting customer who did NOTHING wrong.There has been no email to suggest any alternative that I can take.
Jennifer Dennis
07 Nov 2020 by Trustpilot

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