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Horrendous customer service

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I’ve never had so much trouble opening and account anywhere else. After weeks of trying to open the account I finally managed to do it. I have verified myself, use 2 factor authentication and sent them my bank statement. With all that after trying to make a deposit, my money is held in pending state for over two weeks now and customer support is just inexistent. They are asking me all sort of question on how I do manage my security to log in, if I use a vpn provider and which one, what’s my ISP, where do i log in from.. Didn’t I verified myself and everytime I change my location dont have to verify the new connection from my email and 2 factor authentication?? Why am i being questioned so much??Still Waiting for a reply from them. Is just appalling.. I just want to close my account and I’m not even really able to do that. Worst customer service ever.
Fabian Ortiz
12 Jan 2021 by Trustpilot

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