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DO NOT USE!!! Same story here as most already written. I signed up with COINJAR as some of my work colleagues were using them and said it was relatively easy. When I transferred my funds and they became available I tried to make my first BTC transfer for investment. COINJAR denied my transaction and said I was restricted from doing so for 7 days. When I asked them why I was having restrictions on my account they started interrogating me with questions a new crypto investor would know next to nothing about. When I explained this to them they responded by BANNING MY ACCOUNT! Without any explanation!This is what they said:(Thank you for getting back to us, and thank you for your patience.I'm sorry to report that CoinJar is now unable to provide services to your account.I understand that this may come as a shock but we are here to assist you during this time.You must now withdraw your remaining balance from CoinJar to your linked bank account.Once any remaining funds have been transferred from your CoinJar account, your account will be permanently terminated and made inaccessible. Any future CoinJar accounts set up that are linked to this CoinJar, or involve any associated party may be permanently terminated automatically.Thank you for your understanding - I'm sorry I have no further details to share. Please let me know if you experience any issues with withdrawing your funds.Kind regards,AaronCoinJar Support)So, with no explanation for their decision whatsoever they then gave me 24hrs to take my money out.Un-professional at best.
Emilio Evenlighten
18 Nov 2020 by Trustpilot

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