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Deposit delays from UK bank to Coinjar

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It's against my nature to put a bad review, but this experience has been very frustrating. I signed up for CoinJar weeks ago, and the verification process took a long time. Finally my account was verified and I sent £300 which was reflected in my account within a few hours. I then tried to transfer a larger amount, and the money left my account over 3 days ago, but it is still not reflected in my Coin Jar account so I am unable to use my money. The 'support' team have not got back to me and I am left without any options whilst I am losing out on the current market prices. If I am paying for a service I want to be able to use it, not the service using me. If you guys want to be the best, you need to invest more in the support team.
Matonsi Jeremie
09 Jan 2021 by Trustpilot

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