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Dear Coinjar support team/finance team

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Dear Coinjar support team/finance teamI am writing to give feedback about my disappointing experiences of delayed transfer of funds which have caused me to lose out on significant profit opportunities. This is the second time it has happened which is particularly frustrating. I know every company is experiencing difficulties due to Covid, but if your teams are not able to work in a timely professional way, then your whole business is undermined.The first time it took 7 days for my money to appear in my account despite my multiple attempts to communicate with your customer service team. I had immense difficultly getting any response from you and no explanation or apology was given. I gave you the benefit of the doubt and invested a second time recently and have again experienced a significant delay which has meant I have again missed the opportunity for profit.Your website states it is a 24 hour process for money to be transferred and this is simply not the case. I had 2 accounts being verified with you, and there were mistakes made that meant my money was sent back to my bank for no apparent reason and I had to re-send it causing even more delay.I am asking for a formal explanation of why your service has failed to meet your promise, and to know what kind of compensation you offer, given I am paying you for a service which you are not delivering, as well as the stress caused to me by your poor communication and delays caused.
Matonsi Jeremie
22 Jan 2021 by Trustpilot

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