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Customer Non Service!

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I have been using coinjar for about 3 years, buying small amounts of BTC (what I can afford) then transferring to my cold wallet to be safe. Four days ago I tried to purchase some more BTC but my account for some reason will no longer allow me to deposit fiat nor can I withdraw the small amount of BTC in my account. I lodged a support ticket straight away asking why I have ostensibly been locked out of my account and have had no response after 4 days. What kind of professional organization doesn't respond to customer queries? I have noticed how quickly they respond to any negative reviews here on trustpilot which for me is a huge red flag, they've got the resources to read and respond to reviews but seemingly do not have the resources to answer customer queries. There are much better alternatives (can't name them because Coinjar get offended) out there and from my experience in the last few days these alternatives respond to queries within a few hours. Never again will I use coinjar and I have advised my many friends and family members to ditch coinjar due to their complete lack of customer focus.Edit: Within a half an hour of posting my review, coinjar requested I remove the name of the alternative exchanges I am now using proving my point that they are more interested in negative reviews than customer service. Shame on you coinjar.
22 Jan 2021 by Trustpilot

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