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Coinjar wont assist refund my pending deposit for over 2 days

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1. I mistakenly deposited $800 AUD into my Coinjar wallet via BPAY from my a credit account. 2. Naturally, it's been pending for several days. 3. I realised the mistake was mine so followed the web instructions here as per your website:You've sent funds from a credit account Due to the payment risks and processing fees involved in credit transfers, CoinJar does not currently accept any BPAY transfer from credit accounts. If you've accidentally made a payment, please contact our Support Team so they can assist further. Submit a new Support request (URL to their needlessly complicated support request form) 4. Coinjar send me an automated email, referring me to the same Knowledge base article above that I've already read. 5. I've re-submitted new queries, responded to the auto emails and now have 5 support requests, some over two days old, no one from coinjar has contacted me to assist. 6. When I first joined and had some trouble verifying ID, it took a few hours, but someone contacted me a helped me resolve the problem. 7. Now that Coinjar is sitting with $800 AUD that I cannot access, and i've followed the official instructions CoinJar provided on their website, I can only assume Coinjar do this on purpose to steal money from customers because now there is no support consultant to help me.It seems that way, and unless I get a response from Coinjar support, that's the assertion I'm going to keep making.
Rocco Jarman
09 Nov 2017 by Trustpilot

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