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Coinjar has appalling customer support

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Coinjar has appalling customer support. Re: Tranfer to wrong Destination ID.My fault I will agree. However: transfered 1500xrp to my wife from my CoinSpot wallet to her Coinjar wallet..... waiting waiting, no xrp. Looked at the transfer and see wrong destination Id; 11783 instead of 11784. Contact coinjar; No live chat?? phone number requires you to be invited to talk to them????. Contact my wallet, CoinSpot, live chat, tick, less than a minute later, informed; the transaction has been tracked, advised that coinjar should be able to find the funds and allocate it to the correct wallet. 9 hours later; yes 9 hours. Lets just linger on that time...... 9 hours!Coinjar respond: Oh sorry its been removed from the coinjar ledger, we cant do anything, but, we have reached out to the recipient. Coinjar know who they are? Yes, because you need to add your driver licence to open an account. They have informed the recipient that the funds are not intended for them? Yes, because they advised me of this. Both my wife and myself have now moved all our funds to coinspot. They could have addressed the issue in under a minute, not 9 hours.Quick update. As CoinJar has identified the recipient and informed them of the transaction, the police have informed me it is considered fraud as per Section 408C of the Criminal Code Act 1899. They have urged me to file a Cyber crime report with the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC).This has now been completed.Thank you for the reply CoinJar, however this is an accurate representation of the experience I have had with coinjar and the customer support services that you provide. *Customer support. Terrible, a 9 hour delay. You state there is nothing you can do, however you know exactly where the funds are. You have acknowledged you have contacted the recipient and I have advised you that it is an act of Fraud. What you need to do is what any financial holding would do, remove the funds from the account. If you use funds deposited into any financial holding that are not yours then criminal charges will occur, as this is FRAUD!!!Your response to this has been appalling. It is now with the ACSC to investigate your response and the actions you have taken to address this act of fraud.
Lloyd Cooper
17 Dec 2020 by Trustpilot

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