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Absolutely disgusted in the customer…

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Absolutely disgusted in the customer service I have been chasing up a pending bitcoin for the last 5 days with one particular support worker who is called Aaron.First aaron asked for my ID to release the funds but when I sent through my ID he claims he never asked for it and that I hadn't done what needed to be done so we couldn't proceed. Then It took 2 days of me asking him 3 times what I need to submit before he sent me a list of 6 questions. I've sent him my answers to these questions 3 times now over the last 2 days and I have got the same response each time, that I haven't done what he has asked so we can't proceed. So this morning I ask why there is a hold still considering he has all the info needed and he tells me again that I haven't answered the questions so I send them a 4th time and now it has been 6+ hours since and he is still ignoring my emails. I have proof that Aaron has deleted emails I've sent with said answers to questions among other emails. He is just making this go round in circles on purpose. This is unacceptable and if this matter isn't dealt with ASAP I'll be getting legal advice.
23 Dec 2020 by Trustpilot

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