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4.5 leaning to 5/5

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Reviewing now after ~7 months account use, on recommendation of a colleague, overall I’m a very “happy camper”. From the near-instantaneous deposits of funds / allocation to accounts, to the ongoing adding of account features, I have found that CoinJar keeps on keeping on providing a robust, clean and secure platform for my Crypto needs. UX has been, overall, really very good. Some things I would like to see improve over time: 1) fees to tend down as user base expands; 2) number of Cryptos available to increase significantly up from the current number (15); 3) Keep security improving - including device specific security (adding my phone’s FaceID for example) in accessing the App would be great... Also worth a special mention are the regular newsletters, sent by “Luke from CoinJar”. Totally on-point market commentary, pithy, insightful & fun. Love ‘em!Overall, highly recommend, esp for my fellow Aussie traders/investors out there.
Marc Alexander
05 Jan 2021 by Trustpilot

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