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Untrustworthy, unreilable, support just ignores you

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I deposited Bitcoin to my account exactly according to their rules and after 24 hours it still wasn't showing in my account. The following day I contacted support and was told it was an error on their part and my funds would be in later that day. After another day no funds were showing and so i contacted them again just to be told I had to wait for another email that would explain where my bitcoin is. After more waiting they sent me an email with a form attached demanding all sorts of private information and additional private documents such as 3 months pay slips. They are refusing to return my deposit unless I give them all this info which they did not ask for before I made the deposit. I am basically being held to ransom. As of 12.50pm 2/11/18 support has gone silent on me and is refusing to return my bitcoin deposit.UPDATE: After contacting Coinfloor on Twitter they are now telling me it will take at least a week before I can have my bitcoin sent back to me! They are a tech company and a BTC transaction takes 5 minutes anyway! I feel like it is just another delay to fob me off with. I have a feeling if I sit back and wait for a week then nothing will happen.UPDATE AS OF 5/11/18Nearly a week has passed since I sent bitcoin to Coinfloor and as yet there is no sign of it. I have contacted them again via support ticket, email and twitter and they are yet to respond.FINAL UPDATE 8/11/18Finally, after 10 days of constantly messaging support and emailing staff members and sending one tweet after another (and being largely ignored), I have got back the bitcoin that Coinfloor took as a deposit but then refused to credit to my account. Also, they have closed my account! I hope they have deleted all the personal information they have of mine.CONCLUSION: UNTRUSTWORTHY, very, very slow and unreliable. If I had just left it to them I would never have seen my money again.
James Brook
01 Nov 2018 by Trustpilot

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