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Being in the UK it...

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Being in the UK it has been hard to find a decent exchange, i came across coinfloor as I wanted exchange some BTC's for GBP and transfer to my UK bank as was using uploaded prior and uploaded had a maximum of £1700 every 4 days and the fee was to high<br/><br/>Being a trader I liked the low fees and only £10 withdrawal fee with no limit, first transfer took only max 4 days to arrive to into my bank.<br/><br/>I have now bee trading with them for over 4 months and the exchange without any problems.<br/><br/>The trading side is very basic as you can only buy and sell, would like to see the ability to set stop loss or trailing stops but apart from that and only being a beginner it perfect for me.
16 Nov 2016 by CryptoCompare

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