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This exchange is just ridiculous....

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This exchange is just ridiculous. Here is what i have experienced in this exchange. I am starting my bot and try to post some trades, after a while one of my trades stuck on "Cancelling" mode. I am contacting the support and they told me that they have send my issue to the IT department. After 1 day they cancel my order. I am trying again and the same thing happens 2 more times. The thing is that while my order is in cancelling mode, i cannot do something in order to cancel it and my order is still open on their orderbook! So after some time the price of BTC goes up and my stuck order gets filled with a price way below the market. This happened 2 times. Before encounter that experience, i had deposit some euro from my Mistertango to their Mistertango account. As you understand this should be an instant transfer because it is the same bank. NO! I am still waiting my funds after 3 days!!! This exchange is just terrible, i encourage people which considering to send money there to not do it ever, there are much better alternatives. Their fees are way above the market average with spreads wide like Grand Canyon.
18 Apr 2019 by CryptoCompare

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