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Expensive - but trust worth with good customer service.

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Total clarity - I was prompted to write a review following some help from CoinCorners customer service team. I am explaining this because I know there is concern regarding fake online reviews. I was not directed to respond in any way, I benefit in no way - this is just my honest view of a UK (or rather IoM) based BitCoin business.tldr - I can not fault CoinCorner. Speedy bitcoin purchases and superb customer service. Though it is on the expensive side.Their website, including mobile website, is intuitive, well designed and looks nice as an added bonus. Depositing, sending and receiving is easy. Static wallet address.You can pay into your account via card or transfer and then buy BTC/other currency. Card is expensive, won't sugar coat it You are looking at over £2 in charges for £100 deposit. However it is easy, and very quick - note as ever, UK Credit Cards probably wont work) - bank transfer is slower, but currently has a fixed fee.Once deposited, you can buy your currency - easy enough. Though as you can imagine, the exchange rates are far from the best, but truthfully this is offset by the convenience. Sending currency is easy. You can save addresses etc. There seems to be a flat fee for sending up to a certain threshold of currency. Truthfully for miners fees, I've paid worse - I've paid better.Customer service is excellent. Truly top notch. I've had issues resolved outside of advertised business hours. Everything has always been resolved within hours of me contacting. Genuinely impressive customer service.All in all - a trust worthy and convenient method to buy crypto, but, as with life in general - convenience is more expensive. Great customer service, even during the current COVID crisis.
Ethan Hayes
14 May 2020 by Trustpilot

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