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Worked for me

5 Accepted

I'm new to crypto and was a bit wary about which platform to use. All I can say is Coincorner was very simple to use, and the support staff were respo... Read more

CoinCorner 15 Mar 2019 via Trustpilot

While the low fees are...

1 Accepted

While the low fees are good, the rest of the exchange sucks. UI, pairs, just a bad exchange overall.

CoinCorner 14 Mar 2019 via CryptoCompare

Have traded with them before,...

3 Accepted

Have traded with them before, nothing really bad to point out except the low ammount of pairs they have.

CoinCorner 05 Mar 2019 via CryptoCompare

Complete RIP off they charge you way… * 0 Stars rating if I could*

1 Accepted

Complete RIP off they charge you way more than normal for btc and on top add their own fees I would avoid this company at all costs I made mistake and... Read more

CoinCorner 26 Feb 2019 via Trustpilot

Quick & Simple

5 Accepted

Quick, simple and their cut is incredibly reasonable compared to many others out there. Happy customer, will definitely be back. TYVM!

CoinCorner 21 Feb 2019 via Trustpilot

Good first impressions

5 Accepted

I've had a coinbase account for several months and have recently signed up for a coincorner account. Coinbase is easy for beginners in cryptocurrencie... Read more

CoinCorner 19 Feb 2019 via Trustpilot

Too complicated

2 Declined

Too complicated

CoinCorner 15 Feb 2019 via Trustpilot

Low fees on a low...

3 Accepted

Low fees on a low level exchange made me join them and im not really disapointed by doing so will keep evaluting this exchange for the following weeks... Read more

CoinCorner 08 Feb 2019 via CryptoCompare

Asked a few questions got answers made…

4 Declined

Asked a few questions got answers made the buy and off and running

CoinCorner 06 Feb 2019 via Trustpilot

Absolute rip off with all the fee's

1 Accepted

Absolute rip off with all the fee's. I used the site to buy £40 worth of bitcoins. I then sent those bitcoins immediately to a friend.My friend receiv... Read more

CoinCorner 11 Jan 2019 via Trustpilot

very good! highly recommended

5 Declined

i used Coincorner for the first time and it was easy to setup and my transaction went smoothly as could be, wasnt as fast as i hope it would but will... Read more

CoinCorner 10 Jan 2019 via Trustpilot


5 Declined

Good, fast and realible

CoinCorner 29 Dec 2018 via Trustpilot


5 Declined

Perfect. At last an easy to use platform to buy cryptocurrencies

CoinCorner 27 Dec 2018 via Trustpilot

The low fees are very...

3 Accepted

The low fees are very interesting for both new and experienced traders, and their platform is quite easy to use and understand.

CoinCorner 25 Dec 2018 via CryptoCompare

A decent starting exchange, having...

3 Accepted

A decent starting exchange, having low fees and decent security. While it lacks most of the aspects of a proper, top exchange, it's still function... Read more

CoinCorner 18 Dec 2018 via CryptoCompare

Avoid Coincorner

1 Accepted

In my opinion, do not use Coincorner.Coincorner make it really hard for you to withdraw your money. I have money in GBP held in my wallet for which I... Read more

CoinCorner 11 Dec 2018 via Trustpilot

Excessive fees some hidden

1 Accepted

Completed serial purchases which went ok until today. Purchased bitcoin without looking at the sale price as usually this usually closely matches the... Read more

CoinCorner 06 Dec 2018 via Trustpilot

I had money taken out of my bank…

4 Accepted

I had money taken out of my bank account on Nov 23,which was traced to "coincorner using my Debit Card " God knows how they got the account code..Fo... Read more

CoinCorner 01 Dec 2018 via Trustpilot

CoinCorner has the lowest fees...

3 Accepted

CoinCorner has the lowest fees out of all exchanges, which really is attractive for new traders. The platform isn't the most advanced, but it'... Read more

CoinCorner 29 Nov 2018 via CryptoCompare

Terrible platform

1 Accepted

Terrible platform, made me verify and accepted my account. 2 weeks later they asked me to send them an image of my credit card, after refusing to send... Read more

CoinCorner 28 Nov 2018 via Trustpilot

Good low cost BTC purchase.

5 Accepted

Edited: after contacting coincorner they made me realise I could transfer BTC immediately to my blockchain wallet. The BTC was there within 2 hours. M... Read more

CoinCorner 23 Nov 2018 via Trustpilot

Very simple to use

5 Declined

Very simple to use. Friendly staff who you can chat with if you have a problem.

CoinCorner 15 Nov 2018 via Trustpilot


5 Declined

Fees r a bit high but the service is lovly darling !!!!

CoinCorner 11 Nov 2018 via Trustpilot

Very fast and reliable...!

5 Declined

Very fast and reliable...!

CoinCorner 08 Nov 2018 via Trustpilot

Make it super easy to sign and deposit…

1 Accepted

Make it super easy to deposit but a complete pain when it comes to withdrawal. Also you can pay in £10 but if you want to withdraw you have to withdr... Read more

CoinCorner 06 Nov 2018 via Trustpilot

An efficient service with reasonable…

3 Accepted

An efficient service with reasonable charges (though low daily limits), but could be better if payment by PayPal was accepted.

CoinCorner 03 Nov 2018 via Trustpilot


5 Declined


CoinCorner 27 Oct 2018 via Trustpilot

Efficient and speedy

5 Declined

Efficient and speedy

CoinCorner 23 Oct 2018 via Trustpilot

Excellent customer service

5 Accepted

Easy to use with very helpful staff. A great site for those wanting to get into the cryptocurrency market. I had no problems opening an account, trans... Read more

CoinCorner 23 Oct 2018 via Trustpilot

The app had problems I could receive…

5 Accepted

The app had problems I could receive but not send, the Tec named Ross was brilliant he went to a lot of trouble to put it right, as I was a new bee it... Read more

CoinCorner 13 Oct 2018 via Trustpilot

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