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Excellent service.

5 Accepted

As a new investor into Bitcoins I recently used Coincorner to make an initial foray into the world of Bitcoin. The overall process was very slick and... Read more

CoinCorner 03 Sep 2015 via Trustpilot

Easiest way so far to buy bitcoins in the UK

5 Accepted

Ease of use: 5 starsSpeed: 5 starsCustomer support: 4 starsEasiest way I've found so far to buy in the UK.

CoinCorner 17 Aug 2015 via Trustpilot

Good support - does what it says on the can

5 Declined

Used to purchase bitcoin via CC after verification.

CoinCorner 13 Aug 2015 via Trustpilot


5 Accepted

Havaving had a tenical issue that was NOT the foilt of the company they where vary help full in resolving the issue they did not have to do amazing cu... Read more

CoinCorner 05 Aug 2015 via Trustpilot

Simple and straight forward service

5 Accepted

I heard about CoinCorner on CoinDesk and being in the UK I was looking at UK based exchange to get into Bitcoin.Transfered my money from my UK account... Read more

CoinCorner 29 Jul 2015 via Trustpilot

Excellent service will use again

5 Declined

Excellent service, very helpful, knew exactly what I wanted.

CoinCorner 23 Jul 2015 via Trustpilot

very helpful support assistance

5 Accepted

I must say using CoinCorner was a delight. It compares very well to others I have tried to use recently (eg where the support is pretty much... Read more

CoinCorner 20 Jul 2015 via Trustpilot

Most helpful

5 Declined

Great customer service. Helped me get set up with my account.

CoinCorner 17 Jul 2015 via Trustpilot

Lousy exchange rates

2 Accepted

£500 was converted into only £446 worth of bitcoins due to the difference between Coincorners rate and the generally accepted market rate. I used a Bi... Read more

CoinCorner 15 Jul 2015 via Trustpilot

Simple, Fast, Safe, Great

5 Accepted

I have used CoinCorner to buy bitcoin on two occasions and both times everything has been easy and simple. When I have had questions the team have bee... Read more

CoinCorner 04 Jul 2015 via Trustpilot

Bitcoin Beginner!

5 Accepted

I'm new to bitcoin and have been looking for somewhere trustworthy to buy some bitcoins. I had a few questions about the business which the customer s... Read more

CoinCorner 30 Jun 2015 via Trustpilot

customer service

4 Accepted

Just wanna say molly was excellent help , i was new to coinconer & was finding it hard to use but molly help me very well so thanks again to molly giv... Read more

CoinCorner 27 Jun 2015 via Trustpilot

Simple And Effective

5 Declined

So easy to use and everything you need! Car payments are a nice touch too!

CoinCorner 26 Jun 2015 via Trustpilot

Did what it said on the tin

5 Declined

Quick sign up, used my credit card, no major issues. overall pretty good.

CoinCorner 23 Jun 2015 via Trustpilot

Bit flakey at times but over all does the job

3 Accepted

I tried to use my deposited Bitcoins and at times the transactions don't seem to go through which is a bit annoying. But when it works it works really... Read more

CoinCorner 23 Jun 2015 via Trustpilot

Honest, efficient provider

5 Accepted

Went to coincorner to buy some bitcoins and the service couldn't of been any easier. The bitcoins arrived in my account instantly, the card verificati... Read more

CoinCorner 10 Jun 2015 via Trustpilot

Fast, efficient and trustworthy.

5 Declined

I've used the site to buy bitcoin by credit card several times and everything has worked well.

CoinCorner 31 May 2015 via Trustpilot

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