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Coinbene is a terrible exchange

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Coinbene is a terrible exchange. I’m very certain that they are all a group of criminals working with Coinbe too. Similar name, similar fraud strategy. I was able to recover my money and I’ll be helping by informing everyone all through the internet about it.Coinbene locked me out of my account the hour I made a transaction worth 2.1BTC about exactly a month ago. I contacted the support and sent series of complaint but I didn’t get any feedback. I moved quicker by reporting to a funds recovery firm with experts to help trail and get my money back while I was still locked out of my account. I got all my money back without having to make any initial payment within days. I’ll leave the mail to reach out for recovery below this dsr ecoveryd ome @ p rotonmail . com[WITH NO SPACE]Stay away from Coinbene or Coinbe. I’m very certain there a both scam exchanges.
Smith Janssen
13 Apr 2020 by Trustpilot

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