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It may really seem that...

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It may really seem that guys are falling the project, in fact, the whole industry suffers from such a devastating bear market, and more than 70% of crypto-companies have left the industry during the last year. What do you expect from them? Say thanks, that they are working towards a better future along with other big exchanges and projects. <br/><br/>There were dozens of exchanges back in the early 2000s, and where they are now? Give they way to these guys, I believe they are working hard as hell, and for an exchange which is on the market for less than 6 months, it's a good result to have such a product. I don't say it's perfect, but it's good enough already. We'll see what's going to happen next. <br/><br/>I have tried using it, and they have some issues with liquidity now, but they are just started out and will fix that soon.
18 Apr 2019 by CryptoCompare

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