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Ok so truth be told I'm not the amazing…

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Ok so truth be told I'm not the amazing crypto day trader my dating profiles tend to describe me as. I'm more of the randomly look at the tablet, yell holy F*#@, turn my FOMO up to 11 and start randomly moving coins to and fro like I'm being guided by Patrick Scwayze strong but supportive hands like he did in ghost....Well, cough cough, anyway as Im expertly losing my money slot of exchanges end up going through ChangeNow. As you can probably imagine patience and methodical movements are let's just say, (insert sware word here). So I make dumb mistakes all the time during the exchange process, sending wrong amount of wrong coin to wrong address probably worse stuff than that. Point being I message support staff, Im able to chat with a real human person without having to continuously type human into the thread and chatbot cheesedick gets the hint. Anyway real person, always chill, always make sure they clown on my dumbass so I can't hear which is a much appreciated courtesy (kidding)🤫 And arguably the most if not only important thing which is they manage to save my butt everytime. Without fail. So thanks to yall and changenow ladies if your interested in a muscular athletic successful crypto day trader...You got my email😎
Michael O'Brien
11 Apr 2020 by Trustpilot

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