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NEO funds missing for +1 month. UPDATE: STAY AWAY FROM CHANGENOW.IO!!

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1 month ago I did an exchange of 50 NEO using services but still haven't received my funds. The only response I have been getting over and over was that there is nothing they can do, that it all depends on their exchange partners. Not even a refund, although I included a refund address during the transaction (why they even ask for a refund address? I don't know). I consider that I have been patient enough waiting (I repeat: 1 MONTH), so I decided to post a review here. I discourage anyone using services right now. It has been very frustrating, so if anyone is thinking using this service I wouldn't recommend it at all. At least until they fix it. I would be more than happy to change my review the same moment I get my issue solved.Transaction ID rf5b650a99d546UPDATE: I got my transfer after +5 weeks BUT to my surprise I received -10% than requested. They claim its due to "exchange rates due to market conditions". My funds have been held for +5weeks, with no reasonable explanation, and after that I they also take some of my funds? This is simply unacceptable. As I said before, DONT USE CHANGENOW PLATFORM. I would recommend GODEX.IO since I never had any problem with them. They have control over funds, no KYC is requested, and insta-payment with no suspicious hold of funds. Or even any regular centralized exchange instead may work best, since they seems to request KYC under certain circumstances. I REPEAT, STAY AWAY FROM CHANGENOW.IO!!UPDATE2: Just to clarify, I haven't received any bonus at all.
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14 Jul 2019 by Trustpilot

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