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I thought I would submit a small trade …

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I thought I would submit a small trade just to make sure it works. Exchanged XMR to XRP.. Submitted it late at night. And here it is the next morning and nothing, still waiting. Also sent an email to support and no response yet.Update: Support finally responding (thank you!) but it was 8 hours later before I heard from them. Apparently, there is some issue with Changenow infrastructure that is causing issues. If that were the case, the exchange should have never happened. Now I don't know if the exchange was done and I'm awaiting a deposit or is it going to be at some exchange rate i don't want now. I will update when it happens.Update2: Been 2 days now... still nothing.No update either.Update3: Finally after 3 days, the XRP was sent. Just wish it had gone a little smoother.Jan 3, 20182nd Trade: Decide to try one more trade. 2 XMR to BTC. waiting for 6 hours now and nothing. Trade wasn't supposed to take more than 3 hours. Verdict is still out.Update1: after 14+ hours finally i have movement. Although the exchange rate they told me versus what I got are a little bit off (of course not in my favor, errrr!!!!!). I have a pending transaction at the receiving end. Unfortunately, its still pending some 19+ hours later. Update2: 3 days later, still waiting to receive bitcoin. The fees they attached to the transaction are so low, that the miners won't pick it up any time soon due to the backlog on the network. Update 3: its been almost 5 days now. still no coin. I'm going to have to get my cousin Vinny and the feds to come after these guys because it sure looks like a crooked scheme is going on. They have had to resubmit the transfer 3 different times now because bitcoin keeps dropping the transaction. I'm tracking all the submissions and IP's. Last submission was from Amazon hosting ( I really do not recommend this exchange!!!! They do bulk transactions on the payouts for Bitcoin with low fees attached to the transaction. The fees are what miners look at when picking up transactions, the lower the fees, the less likely your transaction will happen fast, maybe even take days. I looked up the account they seem to pay out of and a lot of other transactions are unconfirmed as well. Changenow has a lot of things to fix. I do not recommend them.
Chris Zimmerman
29 Dec 2017 by Trustpilot

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