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ChangeNOW great service for platform to choose between any other exchanges, it's really easy to use and very fast and fee lowest from others and they give their token erc-20 it's name NOW1... Buts whats my dispointed here is about their gift token can't see what's function for their give for trade or for special rate I don't know what exactly function this NOW1.What's I see for gift their token is great buts today nothing to use this token after 9months their created still like cold wallet, the last news for I'm hear for list some several platforms like binance , bittrex, kucoin, huobi, poloniex and some platform high market name will cooperated with them buts after last him news about end of march still not complex their token still like same before this 2 delays the last year, then after Dev can't make any promises they released news for listing then cancelled last minute this make me dispointed and others some people like me, we make exchanges then get best rated their service buts their gift NOW1 what's for if like died coin... So I'm hope when ur want released for exciting news please don't cancel last minute...
11 Apr 2019 by Trustpilot

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