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6 hours ago exchanged - still nothing in my wallet

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6 hours ago done, still nothing in my wallet. What if the exchange rate changes bad way and I get way less before the amount of xvg is sent to my account? How long do I have to wait? Please let me know.Send1579 STRToGBV4ZDEPNQ2FKSPKGJP2YKDAIZWQ2XKRQD4V4ACH3TCTFY6KPY3OAVS7Destination Tag380103218220453You will recieve~ 6995.4663501394 XVGToDAtjXcFrwh3mcU369Cbpf5mo6BUw7WcNFoUpdate 2: next day, still nothing, not reply, no xvg, no response from anywhere, not even here.Update 3: I got message on FB (where I asked them about this too) that they will let me know once they will get to my email.Update 4: Reply from ChangeNow via email and also here. If I get back what I am waiting for, I will change this review to positive one.Update 5: I got my coins after week. Support was satisfying in the end. I will come back and buy other coins via this exchange.RESOLVED.
Petr Lesko
03 Jan 2018 by Trustpilot

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