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Withdrawals to VISA aren't working!

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Request id - 590769. UserID: up107987567.I can't get my money out of CEX.IO. Made deposits for 20+ dollars from both. Obviously, had withdrawal option enabled. And actually did make 2 successful withdrawals 1 week ago. I have plenty of room for more withdrawals, as my withdrawal limits aren't even remotely reached. Trying to do more withdrawals and getting "Initial transaction was not found" error every time. For both cards. No clue, what's going on. Very frustrating service. These are the very same verified cards which worked 1 week ago! Cex, please explain how this is possible and help to resolve it. My withdrawals are totally blocked!UPD: Made new deposit from one of my cards. After that I could withdraw to this card. Will see if my money will actually come to my card.
Iaroslav Shvets
03 Jan 2018 by Trustpilot

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