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Withdrawal impossible! Money literally frozen....

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Got 150 US$ Deposit on my account. Its not withdrawable by my creditcard because most european countries do not accept withdrawals ONTO an CC Account.The other option is Bank transfer. But the caveat is, it costs 50US$ extra FEE... okay, better than loosing 150$ is loosing another 50$... but wait: That is also now possible, because minimum withdrawal is 250US$.... Telling the suppor of the dilemma and beeing already willing to pay the 50$ fee for a standard inner-euopean bank transfer, I had to hold my breath when I read the answer: I should transfer another 100$ to the account so I can withdraw 200$ (+50$ Fee).... Its very unreasonably... I know what the follow-up will be: I have to have 300 $ in my acount, because minus 50$ fee, and the minimum withdrawal of 250$....... No way - I am not recommending cex.io to anyone...The answer of you is simply "My Money is litereally frozen" - not more and not less.
17 Aug 2017 by Trustpilot

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