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*** WARNING*** WARNING*** WARNING*** WARNINGI am unable to get my $5,000 deposit from CEX. Either the Support staff at CEX are completely incompetent or this company is an outright SCAM!! You decide.On June 2, 2020 I decided to give CEX a try. I have a small private investment company that I use for investing. To register the company, I had to personally open an account at CEX. Within two day, I was verified and my address was verified and I was notified of this by email. So far so good.Now I try to register the company. What a horrible process but OK, KYC is important. I submitted every document requested and answered every question. Many times I had to answer the same question twice because the support staff were confused and didn’t realize I had already provided the answer. This goes on for OVER ONE MONTH. Finally, I get an email in early July that we are verified. Finally.I go to their Deposit page and get the International Bank Wire instructions that include the unique deposit reference that uniquely ties this deposit to my CEX account. On July 7, 2020, I wire US $5,000 to CEX and also transmit my banks wire confirmation to their "wire" email address as requested. No money reaches my account. Finally on July 15, 2020, I receive an email that my money has reached CEX but cannot be deposited because the money came from my corporation and it has not been verified yet. REALLY??.Now I simply have no confidence in CEX. It has now been one and a half months trying to open an account. I tell them no more. Cancel my account application and send my money back.NOTHING!!. I have sent maybe 12 to 18 support requests including emails directly to everyone that had ever contacted me from CEX but still NOTHING!!. Now it is August 1, 2020 and still NOTHING!!I will certainly update this complaint if and when I get my money back but I want nothing more to do with CEX.
01 Aug 2020 by Trustpilot

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