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Verification process and proper operation is horrible

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I signed up for an account on 1 Dec 2020. Did my ID Verification by submitting what was requested.I then went ahead to do the Address Verification, where I submitted an electricity bill that clearly shows my name and address. I also linked a social profile of mine as that was recommended.End result? Address Verification is rejected.I promptly, i.e. on 1 Dec, sent an email to support, complete with my CEX.io ID, asking what was wrong, what I needed to do.2 days later, on 3 Dec, my verification is still not approved, nor do I have an email from CEX.io saying what I need to do to rectify this.As a result of this rejection of my address verification, I cannot transfer money from CEX.io to my bank account via wire transfer (as such a transfer requires that verification to be in place) after I sold a small amount of Bitcoin on the exchange. And I have to do it as wire transfer as a transfer to my Visa card was rejected.All in all - CEX.io has so far been a total fiasco as far as I am concerned. No response from Support. No indication of what it takes to actually get the verifications approved.No, this just isn't good enough. Worse than that - it is totally unprofessional and totally unacceptable.Better look for another company for crypto exchange, a professional one.
Sigve Mauritzen
03 Dec 2020 by Trustpilot

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