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used to be happy but

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Bought about $2000 in BTC in ab 3 orders yesterday. Also yesterday I Transferred two order out to my friends btc wallet and held on to ab $300. Now, my account is locked and the verification process must be redone but it denies it every time i try .Don't even want to continue using CEX.io just want my money out if this is the type of things customers have to go through. Too bad i need to verify who I am to withdraw it. Got an email saying its becuase CEX.io is preventing illegal activity such as money laundering. All I did was help a friend buy bitcoin to store in his electrum wallet. I could understand maybe putting a hold on me buying btc to check into my purchases or something but preventing me from withdrawing btc I have already paid for doesn't make sense at all.
Andrew Holland
09 Jun 2020 by Trustpilot

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