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TRUSTED!!!! FAIR !!!! EASY!!!! FAST!!!!

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TRUSTED!!!!! If you are looking for a trusted place to buy you Bitcoin that is not a set so low limits of the amount you can buy or sell like coinbase and others . All they had me do was prove my identity and address. It took less the 10- 15 mins to get a response. It told me I what # in the queue was . So simple but I do believe if you want the 2.0 BTC deposit withdraw limit you must fill out the ID and address verification. Now IAM new to bit coin I have been ripped off . I have some how lost 300.00 bucks that I can just look at on block chain but have no access to (most likely my fault)I been restricted to a 200.00 a week buying limit. So after trying This company services and making purchases and sending money to other non affiliated wallets . I can say IAM very Happy I can now start buying other types of cryptoAnd try to make some money .O I will also say there customer service is lighting fast !! I mean they are on the ball Unlike other places that take days to answer there support email.As far as how much they charge I bought 200.00 In BTC last night . My card was charged 206.00 iam assuming the 6.00 is tax. Then there is a one time 7% commission you pay In The BTC your buying. And that is not much at all sales tax where I live is 9% so this is why I believe this is the best service with very fair commission prices.I wrote this long review for the person who is like me new to BTC and has been scammed and just wants a place to buy and sell you BTC with out stupied low limits that makes it useless to even buy .& high fees around ever move to do anything with you BTC.Do what I did filled out there ID and Address forms . Then buy 20.00 bucks worth and play around moving to other wallets ECT. Start small and work you way up . If you have gone thru what I have you will be leaving the same review.!!!Thank you CEX- iO Franko
08 Oct 2019 by Trustpilot

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