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Terrible company

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Terrible company. I have been trying for months to take my crypto off this exchange all they do is take your money and never reply to you again. Customer support has not replied to a single email or support ticket in months. This is honestly the poorest customer service I have ever encountered from a so called “professional service” I have been with them for over 5 years and I honestly recommend finding another exchange to handle your crypto because if you need to talk to support for anything serious- even if you have all your affairs in order you can consider your case dismissed as I don’t see them replying anytime soon and people are still signing up to this fraudulent company. It is not worth being able to nothing with your OWN assets. I am honestly baffled it has come to me coming on this page to put this review as I never do these kind of things but I think I would rather save someone than let them go through the nonsense I am going through with them. All I want is a fricking withdrawal pin- I can’t get a single reply for months( this probably a tactic to force you to do everything on their site so they get paid for it) - Scammy and dodgy do not join.
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17 Jan 2021 by Trustpilot

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