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Stay away! No office in London, just a shared space. Read complaints on their FB posts!

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ticket 446184, user up110856789Although I had no issue with them processing my credit card deposits and buying and transferring coins out immediately. I've been struggling to get back a 10K USD wire send Nov 27. After weeks of requesting they return the wire they hadn’t credited to my account, they kept saying they were escalating and to be patient. I sent them a fraud report copy jan 2nd and commented that on their FB page. They rejected the wire (on their site transactions) the next day. Still nothing received. Plus they sell about 7-10% higher on average than market price compared to Bittrex. I use Coinbase by Sepa now. 2 wires went through and credited in a couple of days. Closer to market price. I'm in a FB group called Cex.io Fraudulent Scam Exchange that keeps a shared excel file of missing money from CEX. We're at 345K USD missing for 59 users in 3 days of updates... Stay away and good luck!Update: jan 20, apparently they reimbursed 235 of the 345K missing from the FB group already. Still no luck for me.As for CEX's reply, you have my userid and ticket number in this complaint. I sent you enough, tickets and warnings already. If you want me to update this and my other posts as resolved, up to you to investigate and make sure my money is returned that you have since nov 28th...Update Feb 3rd. Despite commenting and messaging daily by email to customer service and on their FB page and by FB message. No response, no action. Don't trust CEX!
Andrew Vajda
19 Jan 2018 by Trustpilot

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