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Solid Crypto Security, rapidly growing crypto support list and great service!

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I've had quite a lot of dealings with CEX.IO's customer service over the time I've been with them because I am pretty active in the crypto space. Also in some instances I was the very first to use new services brought online; trying them out at 12:01am of the opening day! In all of my dealings with them response time has been great. Within 15 minutes of sending an email I have a human response by someone who is obviously knowledgeable on their job and not just reading from a troubleshooting script.The cordiality and desire to help from the staff is also of note. I feel more like I'm dealing with a US Bank who values me as a customer than with a crypto exchange. The importance of this in the crypto space for those relatively new to it can't be emphasized enough! This exchange sticks to its word, provides 100% transparent pricing and seems to listen to its users requests. In the last 2 months several new crypto assets have been added including USDC which is very important for some traders as a transitory hedge.I would strongly advise anyone who wants a safe place to put their crypto and wants good liquidity into and out of all of the major crypto assets to give CEX.IO a try. BTC trading is -very- liquid and fair for highly active traders. Order execution is also very fast for orders on or very near the money with the trend meeting the price. I've not had problems fulfilling conversion orders very near market value in ETH, BCH, BTG, XRP, USDC, etc. Transaction fees are also reasonable. These guys give you a fair shake with rock solid security and great customer service. If only I had know about them many years ago I would have saved a fortune from all sorts of 'issues' that seem to have plagued most exchanges in the early days and still plague some today! I like to have a dynamic, responsive and solid trust relationship with people I choose to hold my assets for me. With CEX.IO you don't have to fill out some form and wait for them to get back to you. Drop an email to customer support from your registered email and you get service within 15 minutes. Combine that with a company that lives to its advertisements and that alone is worth the price of admission in my book! Last but definitely not least the exchange is operated in a crypto friendly country (the UK) with strong consumer protection laws.
18 Jan 2020 by Trustpilot

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