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So frustrating and annoying!!

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It’s a week now since i made a same day delivery wire transfer from my bank account to cex.io bank account for a deposit of $400 into my cex.io account, and it shows in my bank that the money has already been posted into cex.io bank account that same day but Cex.io has refused to deposit the money in my account. I have sent a lot of emails and now nobody is replying me. This is starting to get really frustrating, it says on the deposit page that it takes a business day to process the transfer and now it’s a week since i sent the $400 to Cex.io. I’m really tired of all these delays, I have never ever for once made a deposit with cex.io without experiencing delays, the least i have waited is 5 days and I always have to contact support several times before my money gets deposited in my account, I’m starting to get tired of all these because it’s so frustrating and annoying.User ID: up129704681Reference: QCCUSP6VE, order number 14300050816Amount: $400...Edit:- Now i see and understand CEX.IO does not take their customers seriously and that is so sad, it’s been a week and a day now since they have been messing with me and they still refuse to deposit my $400 into my account
Charles Siegrist
12 Jun 2020 by Trustpilot

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