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Short Story about CEX

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My user ID up108638504, and I have a verified account at CEX since September 2017. I had no problems regarding verifying my cards, depositing money with them, buying/selling and sending/withdrawing cryptocurrency so far. Their platform is user friendly, and they have a good software. And certainly (let`s say 99%), they are not scam.So, can I recommend this exchange?"NO"... Let me tell why, if you have some time to read my story.I made a bank withdrawal with an amount 15301.03 USD on 03-01-2018. I clicked and put a tick to the “little box” where it mentions “wire withdrawals may take 2 to 60 days”. I thought that it can take 60 days in extreme conditions. But I accepted in any case because I ticked that “little box”. "So I said OK."Then I waited for payment verification for five days (banking). At the same time, many people were complaining about such waiting times for simple payment verification and asking what was happening (for which they were right, I had accounts in different exchanges such as Kraken, maximum 1-2 day for payment verification). But I do not want to create many tickets to CEX support, and posting at reddit hundred times about where is my money. And I accepted in any case because I ticked that “little box”. "So I said OK."After verification and receiving “completed” (?!) status for my wire transfer. I started to wait for my money to hit my bank account. But I started to feel something was not right, because nobody have received their withdrawals after the beginning of January 2018 (even from December 2017). So I asked my bank about any USD transfers upcoming to my USD account. My bank told me that there was no transfer at that moment. After I opened a ticket to CEX for a SWIFT message, because my withdrawal status as “completed” (?!). The answer that I got (after 3 days);“We have checked that your transaction was successfully completed. Therefore, we kindly inform you that WIRE (SWIFT) transfer may take up to 20 days to complete but usually, it takes from 7 to 10 days (weekends are not counted). This time depends on your bank and the correspondent-bank involved.We can request a SWIFT confirmation from our bank, but please kindly note that this request can be processed from 2 to 3 working weeks by our bank”2 to 3 working week??? For a SWIFT confirmation ??? I personally taking MT-103 in one banking day. I certainly understood that they do not want to give that message because they can not. But I accepted in any case because I ticked that “little box”. "So I said OK."On January 24, because of their payment provider, CEX announced that they stopped accepting wire withdrawals for USD/GBP and return the money for “pending” withdrawals back to the user accounts. I thought that it was good move and gave some time to them to work on the situation. And I accepted in any case because I ticked that “little box”. "So I said OK."On January 27, funds of two of my friends, who are working with CEX like me, were refunded (?!). I was very happy to hear that. But:*One of my friend had a GBP wire withdrawal with a “completed” status since 5th January.*My other friend had a USD wire withdrawal with a “completed” status since 16th January.*I had a USD wire withdrawal with a “completed” status since 9th January. *Their money BOTH were refunded, mine NO. *We ticked the same “little box”. We accepted same conditions. We all are not verified plus users. I said ok to CEX conditions, but I can "NOT say OK" to this “unfairness”.In order to get a good service from CEX; Do you need to open support tickets hundred times? Do you need to post complaints at reddit non-stop? Do you need to join groups who claim them as “scam”? Unfortunely, YES...If you are patient and polite person, if you will not post any online complaint, if you are not claiming that they are scam, the service which you get from them will be POOR. You will not be in their priority list and not a valuable user. Their backlog excuses are only for you!So, this is a story about a bank withdrawal? NO...This is a story about DISAPPOINTMENT... Finally, I would like to rate them with only one star because I am disappointed in such a way that I can not explain. But I want to be FAIR, and give them two stars because of nice things that I said at the beginning of my review. Thanks for your patience and hope this real story will prevent unpleasant experiences for you.Update on 2018-01-30CEX finance team contacted with me, and solved the problem in one day! I feel relieved but in any case, I would have wished that my problem was solved without writing a complaint here.I sincerely wish that they will clear out backlog issues, and find a reasonable way for USD-GBP withdrawals.
Mehmet Ergen
27 Jan 2018 by Trustpilot

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