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Shambolic lack of support, probably hiding something...

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I have somehow managed to previously withdraw cryptocurrencies from this great exchange,apart from...Due to their complete incompetence, they've allowed me to process the withdrawal of a certain amount of ETH on 2018-01-04 19:39:02, during an unannounced ETH withdrawal maintenance. I don't need to go around social networks to check what's wrong with their systems - it should be shown and blocked on the website I'm using (i.e. CEX.IO), only found out about it after doing research after the fact. The transaction has since been lost and needs to be processed manually. I've raised a ticket #601013 on January 05, 2018 09:29 saying I never got my ETH even though they marked the transaction as complete from their side, and I quote their reply:"Thank you for contacting us.ETH transactions are working now on CEX.IO. Your ETH transactions for the recent several hours should have been processed, and the coins should have been delivered to the destination wallets and account balances. Thank you for your patience and understanding on this matter."Yeah right.After telling them that no, in fact nothing is working and I don't have any ETH in my wallet, I've got this reply:"Thank you for the update.Kindly ask you to wait some more time.ETH transaction will be delivered to the destination wallets in couple minutes (hours).Thank you for your patience."Wait a couple minutes (hours). They should have said minutes(hours) ((days)) (((weeks))).Looking at their Twitter feed alone you can see that stating ETH transactions are working with lots of people stating the opposite clearly doesn't do them any favours. (check the comments under "ETH transactions are back on track and working. Thanks for your patience and understanding.")I raised several tickets asking for the ETH refund as they clearly aren't capable of processing the transactions (609969 and 605177) which got automatically closed and solved by the support guys within no time whatsoever. Clearly I got no ETH refunds.They did ask me for my wallet address on my original ticket eventually (suprise, shouldn't they have that recorded somewhere?) and said they passed it on to their tech team. That has been a week ago. 7 days of NO updates and NO money, and I'm talking close to 3k USD disappearing.Another interesting article to read, even if you don't fancy joining in the class action law suit, is google for this: Cex.io Class Action - Fraudulent Scam Exchange steemitOtherwise, great exchange.EDIT: I have received my funds on the 15th of January, after having to contact the representatives on BitCoinTalk forums too. Could have been a much better experience.
13 Jan 2018 by Trustpilot

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