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Sepa deposit only credited after 4 weeks

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I deposited a few thousand euro through SEPA transfer. This amount was only added after 4 weeks added to my account by cex.IoI emailed them a few Times. First they said that it could take up tot 14 banking days. Allthough this is very long compared to some other exchanges, I decided to wait these 14 banking days.After 4 weeks these 14 banking days had passed, but still my deposit was not added to my account.I wrote them again but they did not answer me. After my review here I got a reply from Cex.io. They needed some information so that they could help me, they said. I gave them my user id, name and emailadress but after that I didn't hear from them for several days, untill suddenly my SEPA deposit was credited to my account at CEX.ioIt took long to be credited, and the worse part was that I got no replies to my emails from them, letting me insecure where my money was, in the time I was waiting for my deposit to be credited. After the money was credited, I got a reply from CEX.io, in which they kindly asked me to adjust my review to let everyone know, the outcome. This is what I just did.
26 May 2017 by Trustpilot

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