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Security Threats from Support Staff

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Things started off pretty good. Verification process was long but expected. Did a few trades an no problem at all.Fast forward to the Friday and subsequently today. I got an email Friday. From cex.io, stating that I needed to put $1,200 in BTC to a wallet address for security reasons. I thought this was a scam. I told him "no, that sounds like a scam". This was from one of thier support tickets.Today, I received an email stating that they had all my information. Everything I had put in on Cex.io. To my horror, they even had the ID cards. The picture of me holding it. That's when I realized I didn't write a note saying "for trading on cex.io" which means it could be used anywhere. I have been freaking out and trying to work with my bank to prevent and fraud. Either way, this is direct extortion and the guy in the review below me sounds like he got lucky.If anyone has any info that could be useful on how to protect myself or how to file a complaint with the Polish Government (where Cex.io us based, they use London payments: neat things I learned from my bank and credit company) please contact me at NickiCasteel @gmail.comPlease be safe and don't even upload info.
28 Mar 2017 by Trustpilot

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