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Scam and swindle

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Scam and swindleI want my crypto assets back! I wish I could give a ZERO star!I have been using this platform for almost 3 years, there was nothing wrong with the platform except their high fees, but now they're controlling our assets! I can't withdraw my crypto assets which I had recently deposited, I had a verified account already and now it claims that I need to verify again to be able to withdraw, the platform does not even let me verify even if I am trying to do so! As if there is a bug on their platform, I emailed them and they replied to my email 5 days later! Their reply had nothing to do with my problem, it's been over 2 weeks now and I am still waiting for a reply to get this resolved but no reply whatsoever! This is coinciding with the recent rise in crypto, so they seem to want to keep holding our assets and not letting us have the control over them! It's so unfair and against the whole goal behind crypto!Most other platforms only require KYC for fiat payments by the way, let alone the fact that I had already done the KYC on their platform before, a proof of that is because I was buying crypto with fiat on their platform before, otherwise how would I be able to buy with fiat without verification?I simply want my assets and I wont use this platform ever again!I noticed that lots of other people are having these same issues with them recently.I'll keep giving 1 star until they resolve this in a fair manner!User ID : UP 105396592
Mohanad Alhweiti
03 Dec 2020 by Trustpilot

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