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really poor service

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Hi there cex I have been Patiently Waiting for more than 2 months now for cex to come up with an efficient method in order to withdraw my funds from your platform. the current meta displayed on your website is very very inefficient and cost far too much to make multiple withdraw of funds. this is not acceptable if you want to become a global trading platform for season investors you need to start doing things much much better more than your competitors. the bank transfer method on my account has been disabled and why can I only withdraw £1500 per day as my daily limit. why can I not withdraw my monthly limit in one go. this delaying Tactics is costing me a lot of money and it is giving me sleepless night within 14 days this problem is not solved. I will have no choice but to start charging 10% of interest to cex for re holding my funds. this is a warning noticed after 14 days has passed without no resolution be aware 10% interest will be charged for every currency hold on your trading platform by me to cex.io for re holding my money on your trading platform.
08 Feb 2018 by Trustpilot

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