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Really bad customer service

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Basically I was very satisfied with cex.io but their customer service is getting worse. I am still waiting for a ETH withdraw transaction that is stuck in nowhere since almost a week (over 500$). No reply from cex.io just automated e-mails. I understand that there could be some technical problems. But why do they not communicate to their customers at all? At least they could tell, that something is not right at the moment. Really bad customer service, or better: no customer service?Edit: It is true that cex.io has informed its users about ETH delays on Jan 4th. 2018 but on Jan. 5th 2018 they stated on Twitter: "ETH transactions are back on track and working. Thanks for your patience and understanding."So I guess as a 'normal' thinking user it seems very likely to me that 5 days later this really should be solved. But still missing my ETH transaction and still no reply from cex.io (Support Ticket: 599194)Edit: I also want to state, that I really think cex.io is trustworthy. But that does not change the fact, that the customer support/service is bad. (extreamly slow)
09 Jan 2018 by Trustpilot

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