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Not what it was and Whats up with the Heavily manipulated trust board

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First want to mention, Really who ever is "botting" all the 5 star reviews. You should really change it up. Most really people are happy to give 4 stars not 5 after 5 after 5. It looks obvious and desperate.I've been with Cex.io for almost 6 month now. For a time Cex.io was good, the chat was active with a large number of people and experienced miners. Unfortunately, over time Cex.io seemed to become greedy or has more costs then they are willing to admit. Cex.io was how I actually got first introduced to bitcoin and I was very anxious about getting more mining power there. It was about 4 months ago shortly before the USD trading was added to there site everyone started getting negative mining returns and by everyone I mean everyone. There have been people who have never owned GHS on Cex.io and have received negative fee, because Cex.io "gifted" everyone with free GHS for the day.It's sad really, Cex.io is a big company and was doing very well and costumers and miners were happy, but then 51% attack scare and intro of USD trading and now thing seem like a ghost town filled with trading bots desperate to edge out a profit. I miss Cex.io and wish they had changed their name because this is not the same company anymore..Do yourself a favor and stay away and find another way to get bitcoins.
Johnny McCallum
06 Nov 2014 by Trustpilot

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