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My first thoughts on the website was

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My first thoughts on the website was, this is great. Nice clean look. I signed up, got verified, then address verified, all within an hour. So great, this is promising. I sold some ETH, again, all seamed great. Withdrawal by faster payment uk, free, and instant? Superb, great again! Well maybe not, payment is pending...I check websites faq's and it says it 'may take the payment team upto 24hours to release your payment'. I checked trust pilot and began to worry a little. Dont get me wrong it appears many of these 1 star reviews are fake, but its concerning the companys social media manager is responding to other people 'IM sorry you havent heard back from customer service, its really busy right now, i promise you will hear back'. That doesnt cut it for me. No timeframe at all? I run a business, and yes covid has added more hurdles, but you cant use that as an excuse. If this company wants to be the best, it has to have better customer service. I actually forgot that when i first signed up I sent customer service and email about changing a payment method, and just realised they had never got back to me. Yes its only been a few days, but really poor. I'd have expected better. Also the 24hours has now passed on my payment, and its still pending. A false claim on the website, and this has went really downhill! I really hope they they sort this out quickly or else its another one to completely avoid.
10 Jan 2021 by Trustpilot

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