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Mixed Feelings

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Mixed FeelingsGOOD: I was actually able to create an account quickly, add my card, get it verified, and fund my account. This allowed me to capitalize on some pretty rapid increases in value which I couldn't do with other exchanges. While other exchanges are not taking new applications at all or otherwise have a long wait to actually get an account, with CEX.IO I got to trade.BAD: The signup process lead me to believe that I would be able to withdraw funds after 48 hours, but so far I am unable to remove funds despite having a verified credit card ... (good for deposits only apparently.) The verification process is fairly opaque as I don't know how many folks are ahead of me or how much longer than 24 hours I should expect to wait. I opened a ticket regarding the inability to withdraw to my verified account 4 days ago but it has not been acknowledge yet. I'm lucky I don't need the money right away but I imagine some don't have that luxury.Bottom Line...if you need in quick, this is your shot but don't count on pulling funds out quickly.
Darrell Messer
18 Dec 2017 by Trustpilot

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