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Long-time User of CEX.IO and GHASH.IO: Straight Shooting Company

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I used CEX.IO and GHASH.IO since I first started dabbling with cryptocurrency and I can attest that they are a very legitimate/professional operation. I have never had a problem with CEX.IO and as I have gained experience in trading/mining cryptocurrencies I use many sites now but still trust and use CEX.IO due to it's proven track record for me. They're a great site for trading since they have a HUGE volume and focus only on major coin markets.I would like to see GHASH.IO get an overhaul to improve the number of coins available to be mined there but as GHASH.IO is the mining-wing of CEX.IO (trading platform and cloud hashing) I have faith in GHASH.IO as well.Just as an example, at one point CEX.IO was close to getting to 51% of the network (just because they were successful, nothing nefarious) and took the moral high ground by not allowing themselves to get to 51%. This shows they're not only a trustworthy company but a responsible member of the Bitcoin community. Today CEX.IO only has ~20% of the worlds hashing power pointed at it's mining pools on GHASH.IO and also made up of their REAL mining datacenters. Don't believe they have the hardware? They back up their cloud hashing since the beginning with the offer to exchange a certain amount of cloud Gh/s to various pieces of their actual hardware. People have done this and received the hardware.100% solid. Only thing I could ask for is more features since it has been relatively the same for the last six months and is missing a lot of the newer currencies for trade and mining. As far as honest and legitimate, there is no doubt :)Enjoy!
09 Dec 2014 by Trustpilot

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