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It's getting worse every day.

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It's getting worse every day.IMPOSSIBLE TO WITHDRAW FIAT (EUR/GBP/USD) FOR MORE THAN A MONTH already, and now crypto withdrawals are getting problem too.They told me I will can withdraw if I make a deposit with my card, I did it then still can't withdraw, and no real reply from them:"Your patience on this matter is greatly appreciated."So they accept deposit but don't let you withdraw.I want to withdraw my FIAT, if Cex.io support read this, do not answer your typical useless messages asking to wait or some useless informations, answer with a solution, PLEASE.EDIT:I'm tired of your lies.check the transactions 7445490979 and 7436650757 (both in October 2019) and come back here talk about the deposit (February 2018) and explain me how did I do for these transactions.Now I don't see any VISA if I want withdraw GBP, and for USD it doesn't work anymore, don't talk again about the deposit rule, I did withdraw already few times on these cards I'm talking about. You just want us to use Mastercard so you can apply you 1.2% fee.
20 Nov 2018 by Trustpilot

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